Flash Fiction: The Well

Sand footprint

OK, I couldn’t resist doing another 100 word story for Chuck Wendig‘s flash fiction challenge.

(Click here to read the first one)

So, here it is – story number two…


The Well


She limped along, trying unsuccessfully to ignore the searing pain in her left shin. The blood had coagulated, so the flow had reduced.

She used a branch as a makeshift walking stick, leaning onto it so as not to aggravate the wound.

The bucket she carried in her calloused hand seemed to become progressively heavier, feeling now as though it were filled with boulders. She had twice been convinced her shoulder had dislocated.

The merciless, relentless sun beat down on her emaciated frame, reminding her of the thirsty children awaiting her return.

She’d walked two miles.

Two more to go.

2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: The Well

  1. Ok, she’s in some dire straits! I want to hear more about what go her, and the children, into this predicament.

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