Cheap nightmares…!




This promotion has now ended.




As some of you may know – if you have signed up to my mailing list/follow me on Twitter/live under my bed – I have recently finished the first draft of my fourth novel.

(Yes, I know there is still a lot more work to do before it’s publication-ready, but I’m taking it as a win at this point…)

As a kind of drunk-with-happiness, mini-celebration of this, I have now priced the eBook versions of my psychological thriller Sleep No More at only 99p/99c!

This is a time-limited offer, so if you would like to get a copy for less than the cost of half a cup of coffee then click the photo above, quick!

Oh, and feel free to share this information with anybody else who likes incredibly well-written psychological thrillers written by authors who are also stand up comedians, and featuring a mutilated doll with one blue eye on the cover.

(Probably quite a niche market, to be fair, but I guess you won’t know until you ask them…)

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