Free short story – Killing Time

Killing Time Angelo Marcos NEW png


For a limited period, I am offering my short story Killing Time as a free download.

(Yeah, I know. I’m nice, me.)

The story centres around a young woman, Petra (that’s her on the cover…), who finds herself trapped in a dark and eerily silent place.

Every so often the silence is broken by strange murmurings from her captors, who seem to know her name.

The enforced sensory deprivation confuses her perceptions, and she finds herself attempting to assemble a jigsaw made of pieces that may not even exist.

Using the limited – and unreliable – resources at her disposal, she strives to decipher not only where she is and how she is going to get out, but just who is responsible.

As well as how she is going to make them pay…


Sound good? If so, you can get your copy here.

Sound bad? Um, well, this is awkward… I dunno, maybe watch this talk I did on creativity instead.  Or go make a drink or go for a walk or something.  Your life, my friend, you decide.



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