Hashtag Games – Bad Blind Date Conversations

Hashtag games_Angelo Marcos

Anybody that follows me on Twitter will know that:

1. I spend way too much time on there where I should be writing/doing something productive
2. I think hashtag games are cool

For anyone that doesn’t know, hashtags are used on Twitter as a way of locating a particular topic or phrase quickly. So if I wrote a tweet about, say, bowling, I’d use a hashtag (#) before the word bowling so that anybody looking for tweets about it would see mine.

A hashtag game takes things a step further, as all the associated tweets are designed to follow certain rules. So, for example, if the hashtag game was #filmsbeginningwithP then you could join in by writing ‘Predator’, or ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

Or ‘Inception’, if you’ve completely misunderstood the game.

The fun part is where you get to make stuff up. So, #FilmsAboutFood might have responses like ‘Silence of the Hams’ or ‘Hunt for Bread October’. Not hilarious, admittedly, but its free entertainment when I’m bored so I’m not going to be too picky.

“So, Angelo,” I hear you ask, “Why are you giving us this incredibly interesting information, you big handsome thing, you?”

Glad you asked.

A while ago there was a hashtag game about (fake) bad blind date conversations, wittily named #BadBlindDateConv, which I had fun with, getting more retweets than I ever have on Twitter (FIVE whole retweets!! It’s like I’m famous, you guys!!).

So I thought I’d share them with you, because I’m nice.

And here they are – my contributions to the #BadBlindDateConv hashtag game:


Hmm, I guess I’ll pay, but tap water ONLY. And no dessert.

Or starter.Blog line white purple

I wasn’t sure whether to go smart or casual, then I thought, ‘Well everybody loves speedos, right?’

Blog line white purple

Wow! Breadsticks! I haven’t seen these in years! Watch!
*does vampire impression*

Blog line white purple

Sorry I’m late. Spent ten minutes convincing the wife that I’m “working late”. Hey, nice boobs.

Blog line white purple

“This soup is cold”
“It’s a finger bowl. You’re not supposed to drink it.”
“Well why did they make it so delicious?”

Blog line white purple

Oooh, no wine for me, thanks. I’m still drunk from work.

Blog line white purple

So there’s a NEW York? What?! When did that happen?

Blog line white purple

I never used to be able to get waiters’ attention either. Now I do this…
*blasts foghorn, flashes torch*

Blog line white purple

So apparently they’re only effective 99% of the time. But hey, you look pretty clean.

Blog line white purple

Sorry for changing the restaurant at the last minute, I didn’t realise the other one was within 100 yards of a school…

Blog line white purple

Wow! This is like… I mean, I’m on a DATE! With a REAL LADY! Let’s do a selfie cos nobody at the clinic will believe this!

Blog line white purple

“Pull my finger.”
“Are you… serious?”
“Oh I’m SORRY, your MAJESTY!”

Blog line white purple

Wow. Well, I guess let’s just hope our kids don’t inherit YOUR nose or MY foot thing, amirite?

Blog line white purple

Let’s sit in the BACK row of the cinema. In case we want to…
*raises eyebrows, thrusts pelvis, nods head*

Blog line white purple

When your friend dropped you off, did she see me? I mean, enough to – hehe – identify me? Hehe…

Blog line white purple

Ok, ok, I know I don’t look THAT much like Ryan Gosling, but I do ‘drive’. And I have used a ‘notebook’. So…Blog line white purple

I know you’re vegetarian, but I hope there’s SOME meat you like to eat.
*sleazy grin*

Blog line white purple

“Hey, nice perfume.”
“Thanks. It was a gift from my mo-“
“I meant the waitress.”

Blog line white purple

I mean, I’m not saying it was a competition or anything, but Tootsie was MUCH sexier than Mrs Doubtfire.Blog line white purple

“Watch this!”
*stands up*
“I’m Spartacus!”
*sits down, giggles*
“I know! Aren’t I just too much?!”

Blog line white purple

Know what I’ve really been getting into recently? Drinking. Do YOU have any hobbies?

Blog line white purple

“This is like that TV show with blind dates!”
“Blind date?”
“No. TV show.”
“I’m pretty sure that was called-“

Blog line white purple

The last time I was in a place this fancy I was the defendant. I didn’t do it by the way. Insanity plea. *winks*

Blog line white purple

Ok, now over to you. Feel free to post any made up – or real (!) – bad blind date conversations in the Comments below.  And as we’re not on Twitter, they can be as long as you like.

Ready, set…


6 thoughts on “Hashtag Games – Bad Blind Date Conversations

  1. One a date once a man took a look at me and told me that I’d ‘do’ for the night! I left the bar and ignored his calls after that!!

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