Sleep Paralysis and, um, the Evening Standard

Ok, so the good news is that the London Evening Standard printed my letter about sleep paralysis.

The bad news?

snm evening standard letter

They edited the vast majority of it, and also removed the name of the book I tried to crowbar into it.

I mean, come on people, what kind of free publicity is this?!*

For anybody that is interested in what I originally wrote, here it is in full…..

Having suffered from sleep paralysis for years, I’m glad to see some awareness is being raised of this horrible condition.
It was only while researching sleep paralysis for a novel I wrote that I realised how prevalent it actually is, having been reported as a phenomena in just about every culture throughout history.
In Fiji, it is known by a term which translates as ‘eaten by a demon’; in China, ‘ghost pressing down on the body’; and in Nigeria, ‘nocturnal warfare’.
The most common explanation is that – crudely put – our brains paralyse us when we sleep so we don’t act out our dreams, but sometimes we get ‘stuck’ in that state for a while.
Not much of a consolation, I’ll admit, but at least if more people are aware of it they’ll know they’re not alone when/if it happens.
Angelo Marcos, author of Sleep No More


*At least they didn’t call me ‘Angela’ I suppose, which happens surprisingly often.

Even over the phone…

Sleep No More is my psychological thriller about a young woman whose vivid nightmares begin leaching into reality. Sleep deprived and desperate, she begins to doubt her own mind – and finds herself in a deadly race against time…

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