My standup gig on YouTube

So, I used to do stand-up quite a lot, but in recent years got a bit sidetracked by novel and short story writing, blogging, Creative Minds interviews, non-comedy talks and, well, life.

Long-story-short, I’ve started gigging again, and the video below is from a stand-up competition* I did last week at the Cavendish Arms in South London.

Feel free to share the video/let me know what you think in the comments…

And be nice, innit.


*I won the competition, by the way.  Yay, me!


10 thoughts on “My standup gig on YouTube

  1. Angelo, where have you been?
    Reply – “Men’s things”.
    A few words to describe your performance – smooth, likable, seasoned.
    Small request: instead of using the word ‘trooper’ could you find a way to include instead for your next performance the uniquely British put down ‘Rupert’?

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