Free Amazon Book Description Generator

OK, I’ve found a free thing that’s actually good.

(I know, I was surprised too…)

Basically, I’ve had problems formatting my Amazon description for, well, ever and trying to learn HTML on top of everything else I do is just impossible (without resulting in me having some kind of actual breakdown).

So I’d resigned myself to just writing plain text descriptions without any frills and, I guess, just hoping that people would add their own flourishes mentally.

Until last week, that is.

(Or is it, ‘That is, until last week’?  The way I wrote it above sounds like Yoda.)

Anyway, last week I stumbled upon a free Amazon Book Description Generator.  I genuinely can’t remember how, someone must have linked to it from a forum or something.

Basically, all you do is paste your text into it, format it using the bold/italic/header/etc buttons, and then click ‘generate my code’.

That is literally it.

From there you just copy and paste the code into your Amazon KDP account and it’s done! Look at how pretty it looks:

The guy running the site is called Dave Chesson and he hosts a website called Kindlepreneur, which has loads of other useful information about selling books on Amazon (some paid, some free).  It’s definitely worth a look for any fellow authors.

Let me just say at this point, I have no affiliation with Dave Chesson or the Kindlepreneur website, so this isn’t me trying to ‘sell’ anything.  (I mean, the Amazon Description thing is free anyway so you couldn’t pay for it even if you wanted to…)

Just thought I’d share this in case anyone else has been having Amazon/HTML problems too.

See?  Free things can be good too!

(Speaking of which, my short psychological thriller Killing Time is now available as a free download for a limited time. Click here to take a look!)

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