Guest post: How to write comedy in fiction

A guest post I wrote for the very talented Suzie Tullett!

Suzie Tullett

Hi, everyone

Today I’m pleased to have actor, writer, stand-up comedian, and all round good guy, Angelo Marcos, visiting us. Angelo interviewed me a while ago for his Creative Minds feature and I thought it about time I returned the gesture.

What I’ve always found interesting about Angelo is how as a comedian he takes people to a happy place through laughter, but as a novelist he goes in the opposite direction and taps into the darker recesses of our minds. So imagine the intrigue when he decided to combine the two in his latest book Victim Mentality.

I can’t imagine this was an easy task, I mean how do you describe stand-up comedy through prose?

Thankfully, here’s Angelo to tell us how he dealt with this.

Angelo, over to you…

Describing the funny…

People love good comedy. I think that’s pretty safe to say.  

I mean, yeah, there…

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