Creative Minds Interviews

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I often have conversations with people about the ‘creative mindset’ – and whether one even exists.  Recently, I also gave a talk about creativity in London, which looked at the creative process in general.

I thought it would be both very cool and very interesting to interview creative people from a wide range of areas – music, comedy, writing, acting – and find out about their processes and approaches to their work.

Click on a name below to read each interview:

Christine Haritakis

Tanya Cristina

Sean Garland

Kia Abdullah

Abigail Burdess

Ariane Sherine

Allison Maruska

Rona Halsall

Keri Beevis

James Radcliffe

Taymaz Valley

M.K. Farrar

Donna Daley-Clarke

Suzie Tullett

Nat Russo

Catherine Ryan Howard

Harry Hunsicker


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