Sleep No More

SleepNoMore 1

They started as nightmares. Vivid terrors striking in the darkest recesses of the night.

The imposing shadow form – faceless, yet inexplicably grinning – chasing Ariadne Perasmenos through her dreams. The sequence horrifying identical each time – the breathless pursuit, the inevitable capture, and the merciless slaughter.

And all the while, he grins.

But now things have changed.

The nightmares have begun leaching from the subconscious realm and into reality, and the boundary between what is real and what is not begins to erode as Ariadne repeatedly awakens bruised and bloodied.

The nocturnal attacks increase in both frequency and ferocity, and Ariadne soon realises that nowhere is safe from the Shadow Man.

Sleep deprived and desperate, Ariadne begins to doubt her own mind. Could there really be a demonic creature intent on her destruction, or is she suffering from some undiagnosed psychological disorder?

Seeking the truth, and unable to trust herself, Ariadne is in a deadly race against time.

Because – real or not – the next time she falls asleep, the Shadow Man might not let her wake up again…


Reviews of Sleep No More

“a disturbing look at what would happen if your nightmares started seeping into reality…” – Parikiaki newspaper

“a creepy psychological thriller and compelling study of fear” – London Greek Radio website


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