The Best Book Trailers IN THE WORLD!

OK, so the title might be sli-i-ightly hyperbolic…

I have created book trailers for my novels The Artist and Sleep No More though, and I’ve been using them as Facebook adverts which have worked to boost sales so they can’t be that bad.

So I guess the title should probably have been:

Two Book Trailers That Can’t Be Terrible!

Although I think you’ll agree that wouldn’t be as catchy…

Anyway, without further ado, here are the book trailers:

The Artist Book Trailer

Sleep No More Book Trailer

I’ve resisted putting together any book trailers for a while, as I always thought they don’t really work.  It always seemed to be an odd idea to advertise writing on a page (or on a screen) by a theatrical audio/visual experience.

In saying that, I had some time to spare after using editing software to cut together my acting showreel so thought I’d experiment with different concepts and ideas for book trailers.  I found a huge range of royalty-free video clips and music clips online, which is incredible as it means you can essentially get professionally-produced videos and music absolutely free.

My aim was to make short trailers which would give an idea of the stories but without being too cluttered with specifics about them.  So basically the ‘feel’ of the books rather than a blow-by-blow description of them.

Anyway, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.

If you like the book trailers then great, and if you don’t then I’ll take it on the chin as ‘constructive criticism’…

And if you really  like them, you can find out more about the novels themselves here on my imaginatively-titled ‘Books’ page.