Goodreads giveaway – win a free paperback!


As of today, Goodreads are running a giveaway to win a paperback copy of my psychological thriller Sleep No More!

To be in with a chance of winning just click here to enter.

After the closing date (5 Feb) Goodreads will get in touch with the winners, and I’ll send the free books to those lucky, lucky people.


 (If you’ve already got the book/couldn’t care less about psychological thrillers, feel free to share this with anybody else who might want a copy.)

 Good luck everyone!

Goodreads Giveaway – Win a signed paperback!


Yup, as the chunky title says, you could win a signed copy of my psychological thriller Sleep No More!

(You know it’s exciting because I used an exclamation mark and everything.)

The giveaway is being run by Goodreads, and you can enter by clicking on this link or on the cover picture.

Goodreads will notify me and the winner after the closing date. I’ll then sign the book, send it out, and bask in the warm glow that comes from knowing I’ve made someone’s dream come true.

Or, you know, make a sandwich.  Either way it’s all good.

Anyway, why are you still reading this? Enter the giveaway here!

Flash Fiction: The Choice

Blog Flash Fiction The Choice


Ok, I couldn’t resist doing another 100 word flash fiction piece.

Again, I’m not going to say anything about it so as not to ruin it.

So, here goes…



The Choice

His trembling hands shook the flimsy papers in front of his now blurry vision.

The sweat pricked his forehead, beading and then leeching into his eyes, causing a fierce stinging. He blinked away the salty liquid and struggled to regain focus.

The future was up to him, each paper containing a different path. He had to choose.

“I can’t do this,” he said pleadingly.

“You have to,” responded Max, who had himself endured this turmoil only days ago.

He weighed up the options.

And decided.

“Ok, Pizza. But no potato wedges this time, they’re too stodgy. Yeah?”


Flash Fiction: The Inevitable

Blog Flash Fiction The Inevitable
I’m not going to say too much about this 100 word flash fiction piece, because I don’t want to spoil anything.

In fact, I’m not going to say anything about it.

At all.




The Inevitable


I could see it, almost taste it.

I knew it’d come to this. I hadn’t known how long it would take, or how many more times I’d have to stand here struggling, but I knew this moment would come.

I tensed my right arm as hard as I could.

Nothing moved.

I gripped – both hands this time – the veins in my neck bulging, my face contorted into a grimace and turning blood red.

As the spots appeared before my eyes, I conceded defeat.

I threw the empty ketchup bottle into the dustbin and looked hopelessly at my dry lifeless chips.


Free short story – Killing Time




For a limited period, I am offering my short story Killing Time as a free download.

(Yeah, I know. I’m nice, me.)

The story centres around a young woman, Petra (that’s her on the cover…), who finds herself trapped in a dark and eerily silent place.

Every so often the silence is broken by strange murmurings from her captors, who seem to know her name.

The enforced sensory deprivation confuses her perceptions, and she finds herself attempting to assemble a jigsaw made of pieces that may not even exist.

Using the limited – and unreliable – resources at her disposal, she strives to decipher not only where she is and how she is going to get out, but just who is responsible.

As well as how she is going to make them pay…


Sound good? If so, you can get your copy here.

Sound bad? Um, well, this is awkward… I dunno, maybe watch this talk I did on creativity instead.  Or go make a drink or go for a walk or something.  Your life, my friend, you decide.