Welcome to the website of Angelo Marcos – writer, comedian and actor.

The main idea behind this site – as with most websites – is shameless self-promotion.

The difference here is that in amongst the various thinly-veiled adverts for books (which are all great by the way) you’ll also find some interesting, funny and thought-provoking blog posts.  This includes posts on topics as diverse as performing stand up, real-life crime cases, society’s obsession with fame, and the horrible stuff that sometimes happens to me when I fall asleep.

Oh, and there’s also a film of a talk I gave on creativity too, so I can now officially say this is a multimedia website…

For a limited period I’m also offering my short story – Killing Time – as a free download to anyone who signs up to my email updates.  You can find out more about that by clicking on the creepy woman’s face below:

Right, so, that’s the intro part done.  Feel free to use the tabs above to navigate around the site.

Oh, and please try not to get finger-marks everywhere.  Cleaning this place is a nightmare.