5 Ways Readers Support Their Favorite Authors Without Even Knowing It

I agree with everything in this post from Allison Maruska.

Although I would’ve added:

6. Send the author money…


Allison Maruska

There’s a bit of a misconception out there regarding authors. I know because I had this bright idea before I published that I would write something like “10% of all royalties will be donated to such and such organization” in the front or back matter of my book. Philanthropic, no?

Another author told me it’s a bad idea. Not because being charitable is bad, but because in her experience, people would think the charity suddenly has all their financial needs met because they are supported by an author, and all authors are, of course, rich and famous.

I was blown away a little. Do people really believe that? *squirts ketchup on a cracker that is lunch*

Maybe next month I’ll be able to afford Dijon ketchup.

Anyway, the point is, 99% of authors need every ounce of readership and reader support they can get. And the good news is, readers often…

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