(Another!) Interview about my novel Victim Mentality

I know, I know, you wait ages for someone to ask to interview you then two come along at once…

Last month I was interviewed about my psychological thriller Victim Mentality, and this month I got together – via Skype due to lockdown/coronavirus ‘shenanigans’ – with the great John Fleming to talk about crime writing and stand up comedy.

We were due to talk at an earlier date but I had come down with some horrible thing – which may or may not have been Covid-19 but in the absence of a test I can’t say for sure – so we rescheduled for a time where I could actually talk properly and wasn’t feeling as though I might keel over.

So, without further ado, here is the interview.

Well, OK, technically that’s just the link to the interview, not the interview itself. But let’s not be pedantic about this.

(tuts British-ly)




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